Brunch Menu

Starting March 15th



Belgian Waffle

Served hot with warm bourbon syrup, powdered sugar and fresh seasonal berries


Fresh Fruit Bowl

Seasonal berries with vanilla cream. Served with granola, honey pecans, and chilled yogurt on the side


Egg & Hammy Croissant

Scrambled eggs with melted cheddar cheese. Served inside a freshly baked croissant layered with a slice of sauteed ham. The plate is finished with potato crisp and seasonal berries.


Breakfast Pizza

Our Patxis Pizza served with bacon, eggs and potato crisps on top. Finished with a light hollandaise sauce.


Duck Sausage Pizza

Our Patxis Pizza served with a light touch of tomato sauce and topped with duck sausage, chevre cheese and fresh basil. Finished with a balsamic glaze.


Apple Turn Over

A pastry encased filling of Carmel apples, cinnamon crumble and topped with vanilla cream.


Sothern Fried Chicken Waffle

Our hot Belgian waffle with succulent southern fried chicken on top and sprinkled with bacon and Bourbon syrup. Served with chipotle mayo on the side.


Beef & Hashbrowns

Beef Medallions with potato crisps. Served on a bed of gravy and roasted vegetables.


Oatmeal Medley

Overnight oats served with a vanilla cream. Plate is finished with raisins, brown sugar, candied pecans and seasonal berries.