Terms and Conditions

How it works at Your LivinRoom

  • To make a reservation you must reserve your LivinRoom in 2 hour blocks.
  • The 2 hour block has a room fee of $200.00 to confirm your block.
  • The $200.00 can be used towards food and beverage. Tax and gratuity are added at the close of the reservation. IE 200.00 + Tax & Gratuity
  • You can book multiple blooks and rooms as long as they are open.
  • Walk ins are welcome but as time goes on it will be very difficult to accommodate the walk ins so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to make reservations on the website, phone or in person.
  • We allow as many or as little people in your LivinRoom. As long as there is enough room. The max. seating in our largest rooms is 8 to 9 people.
  • If your tab exceeds $200.00 we will close the final tab balance to card on file with the host.
  • Guests in the room can also open their own tabs but a card must be on file through the app prior to placing the order.
  • Your concierge is always there to help you navigate through your experience so don’t worry if you find yourself with questions.
  • Please feel free to call us at 650 232 7965 or email us at info@ccclivinroom.com
  • If you wish to add a block while you in your reservation we are happy to add it to your tab provided there is no reservation behind you. Your concierge will inform you of options at the time of seating.
  • Finally, all reservations are final. We allow you to cancel up to 48 hours from your reservation date with a 50% service fee. We will refund the balance to your card of choice. Cancellations within 48 hours forfeit your reservation fee.
  • We are always understanding and can work with you under extreme circumstances. Ask for a manager to help you if this becomes a factor in your reservation.
  • When placing your reservation with the website or in person we will send you confirmation and a receipt of your payment. YOU MUST have this with you when seated so we are sure we have the paying host on site.
  • Typing your name on your reservation form is equivalent to signing your name to a credit card receipt or any other online transaction.
  • Thank you and welcome to your very own LivinRoom!